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Word On The Street:  October 2019

Word on the Street: October 2019

1st Things 1st

It’s a launch!! That’s right… we’ve spent quite some time figuring out how we can best meet the needs of…

  • Companies that need talented and motivated people
  • People that need meaningful jobs and careers

… and we nailed it!

Cohesiveness, consistency and relevance are key when it comes to ensuring that interested & motivated people can find the jobs that companies need to fill. We’re on our way to exponentially help the workforce development community and we’re excited to have you along for the journey.

Keep an eye out for our monthly “Word on the Street” newsletters. We mail them to our network, but also post them here. Our newsletters will have current content directly related to what regional employers are up to, as well as the jobs, trainings and other work related opportunities that they’re looking to promote and fill. We’re hoping you’ll share this information far and wide within your network, and with the people that need this info the most.

Welcome to our community!

The Big One

A breakdown of this month's biggest story

NH Construction Career Days 2019

We’d be slacking big time if we didn’t share the biggest news (in our humble opinion) in the state of NH regarding workforce development that JUST HAPPENED (as of this posting that is)!

Construction Career Days (CCD) is an opportunity for the immensely vast construction industry to get the word out to the region that there are amazingly diverse and lucrative careers to be had in the world of construction.

it’s all about hands-on experiences… giving students a chance to try out activities related to careers they didn’t previously know about, or perhaps never considered. Activities that range from:

  • Driving an excavator,
  • Getting rigged up to work on trees
  • Burning some metal in a welding booth
  • Driving a semi-truck
  • Framing some steel walls
  • and so much more!

Which brings me to what’s next…

Maine Drilling and Blasting

During my travels around this massive event I met with reps from so many awesome companies that struggle to find, and retain, great people for their teams.

One of them, Maine Drilling & Blasting (which has locations in NH & throughout the Northeast), stood out because they shared that they’ve put together a youtube playlist of short, engaging “Day in the Life” videos to help spread the word about career opportunities at their company; and who doesn’t love some video! You can check out one of their very cool videos below.

I hope you’ll not only watch, but also share the playlist at this link with the people you know of who might benefit from checking out this company as a potential employer.

If you’re interested in learning more, hit them up by heading to their Careers page here. In the meantime, check out that very cool video below..

Meet Our Partners

Don't forget to check out their Workforce Web Page.

American Steel is busier than ever and they need people. Yesterday!

American Steel Fabricators has partnered with Workforce Generator to get the word out about their company, it’s culture, what they have going on, and most importantly… the jobs and career opportunities that they’re looking to fill.

That’s right, they need good people YESTERDAY, and we’ll be helping to spread the word.

American Steel Fabricators

Lots going on at American Steel!

American Steel is busier than ever! In fact they recently nailed two huge contracts…

  • Green Line Extension project in Boston, MA. Structural steel and miscellaneous metals for three MBTA train stations and three auxiliary buildings.
  • Miscellaneous structural steel project for the Thayer Computer Science Building at Dartmouth College.

AND they’ve got job openings; lots of them for the right people. As a heads up, no experience is required for most of these positions (although experienced is often a wonderful thing). On top of that, American Steel will train and possibly certify people they bring on board.

Lastly, these positions are located at their Greenfield, NH facility.

  • Fabricators, Welders, Fitters and Laborers
    • On-the-Job Training (and possibly certification)
  • Laborer/Truck Driver – No CDL required
    • FYI… More laborer than truck driver, but who knows where it may lead.
  • Ironworkers
    • Willing and able to travel to job sites throughout New England.

Want to know more about how to apply?

American Steel’s “Workforce Web Page” is live and will give you the details you need to learn more about these job opportunities (for yourself, or someone you know, mentor or support). You can also directly email Kim Sweeney at:


Making a Difference

Paying it Forward & Giving Back. It's a wonderful thing.

Hitchiner Manufacturing


Getting trained for a new career can be costly, no doubt about that, but Hitchiner Manufacturing is doing their part to help out by putting some serious money in play. They offer several annual scholarships to students from schools in their community and region.

  1. $1,000 Hitchiner Science Scholarship. Students eligible must be from one of the following high schools: Wilton-Lyndeborough HS, Milford HS or Souhegan HS. Adding Nashua HS in 2020.
  2. $5,000 Morison Community & Technical College Scholarship. Students eligible must be from one of the following high schools: Wilton-Lyndeborough HS, Milford HS or Souhegan HS.
  3. $20,000 John H. Morison Scholarship to graduating senior from Milford High School.

So spread the word, and get this money spent by the young people that need it! And don’t just tell the kids about it, tell the parents.  Trust me… they’ll want to know and will be a big help in making sure these apps get filled out and submitted!

child with megaphone

What Our Partners Are Up To

New people, new technologies, new initiatives... Lot's of good stuff here.

Welder Training is happening in the Monadnock region, and the Small Business Administration is putting some big money behind it!

Heavy Equipment Operator

PHAZE Welding Technology Center and MAXt Makerspace in Peterborough, NH are collaborating to get more welders into the workforce ASAP, which is why the SBA awarded them a $100K MaTCH grant to support their efforts. That’s huge validation!

Dan Guillou, PHAZE’s founder, knows firsthand that businesses are desperate for skilled welders; and he also knows that welding is an immensely lucrative career path for people who develop the skills and put in the time.

Since PHAZE’s launch in January 2019, (5) ConVal High School students have successfully completed the 130 hour welding certification program; and they’re now working in the welding industry! With another 20 students in the pipeline he’s doing his part to get skilled welders on the job right away.

Once that happens the world is their oyster, because let’s face it… companies are already banging down the door to meet these kids.


Working together to build tomorrow's workforce.

CNC Machinist Training in the North Country is happening NOW!

With little access to CNC Machining training in the North Country region, and companies desperate for skilled people, Rachelle Cox knew she could make something happen to fix things… get people trained and into the workforce. Trained and working within months is a wonderful thing, and Rachelle is helping to make that happen.

Rachelle, Program Coordinator for the Above the Notch Community School (the Adult Education arm of the Littleton NH School district) works closely with Al Smith, Director of Career & Tech Ed (CTE) at Littleton HS to get people, young and not so young, the skills and training they need so that they can build successful and rewarding careers that will benefit not only themselves, but also their families and their communities.

Above the Notch Community School

The lab equipment was donated by area businesses… two of which are Rotobec and Burndy Hubbell; they wanted to give back to the community AND they needed workers.

Rachelle and Al are all about education and training so it seemed obvious to build an entry level “Manufacturing CNC” course for Above the Notch which would help high school students and community members, as well as their business “partners”.

This entry level course is happening now (and every semester moving forward) and is accessible for cheap money; $125 for 15 weeks (Let that sink in. $125!). But it doesn’t stop there.

Above the Notch will be offering the next level of intermediate Manufacturing CNC in January 2020; this shows a huge commitment by education to work with businesses to help build a skilled and talented workforce for the state of NH! Now. Not next year or the year after. NOW! Kudos to Above the Notch 🙂


Random news re: workforce development & the world of work.

RANDOM FACT: Approximately 2,400 working dogs are currently military service members stationed around the US and the world.

Ok, not really related to workforce development, but definitely related to the world of work so we wanted to share and applaud their service. Dogs, gotta love them.

Military dogs


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