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Word On The Street:  November 2019

Word on the Street: November 2019

1st Things 1st

We have so much valuable information to share in the world of workforce development, so here’s to hoping you’ll go through this entire email and then either act on, or pass along, these career and training opportunities.

Just a reminder (in case you don’t already know), Workforce Generator is all about helping people to discover the careers they’ll love, and helping companies to find the people they need… so that’s what you’ll always get from us.

Many thanks in advance for checking out what’s happening in your neck of the woods (and elsewhere) regarding workforce development, and for taking a few minutes to read this month’s update on how we’re all making magic happen.

The Big One

A breakdown of this month's biggest story

Apprenticeships. They’re all about getting people paid AND into the workforce while they’re learning valuable industry skills. They’re a no-brainer if you can find one, which is what we want to help with.

That being said, since Apprenticeships are such a big deal we’re starting with a little something about this organization… ApprenticeshipNH.


Some background.  ApprenticeshipNH is a grant funded initiative focused on connecting people with jobs and training… which means they help to connect job seekers looking to learn new skills with employers looking for qualified workers.

They're focused on 5 Industries in NH

  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

Why these 5?  Because they’re fast growing and each is expected to add thousands of new jobs in the state of NH over the next few years; new jobs that are created, as well as existing jobs that open up due to retirements.

91% of Apprentices are employed after completing their Apprenticeship program.

ApprenticeshipNH regularly updates their career “Opportunities” page with very real, very current apprenticeship opportunities being offered by regional companies within the sectors mentioned above. They update this page regularly so as new opportunities arise they’ll be added, and as others are filled they’ll be removed.

Here’s to hoping you’ll check it out and share this resource with the people in your world that might benefit… either now or in the near future.

Meet Our Partners

Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs. And let's not forget about training.

American Steel Fabricators is busier than ever AND they’ve got job openings; lots of them for the right people. As a heads up, no experience is required for most of these positions (although experienced is often a wonderful thing). On top of that, American Steel will train and possibly certify people they bring on board.

Most of these positions are located at their Greenfield, NH facility…

  • Fabricators, Welders, Fitters and Laborers
    • On-the-Job Training (and possibly certification)
  • Laborer/Truck Driver – No CDL required
    • FYI… More laborer than truck driver, but who knows where it may lead.
  • Ironworkers
    • Willing and able to travel to job sites throughout New England.

Want to know more about how to apply?

Check out the American Steel Fabricator’s Workforce Profile to get their contact info, and to learn more about the company and its culture.

American Steel Workforce Page

Making a Difference

Paying it Forward & Giving Back. It's a wonderful thing.

Free is a wonderful thing so we want to be sure we spread the word because your organization could also be a beneficiary of Milwaukee Tool’s philanthropy! Check this out…

Milwaukee Tool made a crazy generous donation of new tools (close to $18,000 worth!) to Nashua High School’s Career & Tech Ed program after the Construction teacher, Al Verley, put pen to paper and sent in a donation request.

Fortunately he got his request in before Milwaukee Tool shut down the program for 2019, but 2020 is right around the corner. If you rep a school or non-profit I suggest reaching out to Milwaukee Tool soon after the new year to see if your organization qualifies for a donation. Good luck!

Good Luck

JOBS + Training Happens Here

Jobs + Training = Apprenticeships. They're happening here.

Every day of our lives we take advantage of fresh water that’s pumped into our home-school-workplace, and wastewater that’s sent on it’s way for treatment. EJ Prescott has tremendous career opportunities available, and they want everyone to know it.

A little background… EJ Prescott is a privately owned company that’s a water, wastewater and stormwater solution distributor with locations throughout the Northeast and Midwest. They’re focused on adding motivated people to their team who have a great work ethic, are willing to travel and have a thirst for learning skills that can bring them tremendous success!

University of Prescott

In fact, they’re so invested in training that they started their own federally recognized apprenticeship training program called “University of Prescott”.

This apprenticeship program is designed to help accepted candidates to become proficient in the following industries: Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Erosion Control. It’s a two-year program that covers topics such as service work, safety, sales, computer and other related industry tools; training occurs mostly in field locations, and via plant tours and manufacturing visits.

Apprentices are paid to learn, and qualified students are guaranteed a job at the end of the two-year program. Candidates who complete the program are assigned to a location or position that best fits the individual students’ gifts and talents, along with what Team EJP feels will help the company to grow.

EJ Prescott Aprpentice

All great info, and such an amazingly valuable apprenticeship program that it’s up to us to spread the word and get people over to University of Prescott so they can learn more, apply, and hopefully get accepted into this program!


Working together to build tomorrow's workforce.

FREE Training at Southern Maine Community College (ME residency NOT required!)

This just came by my desk and I have to share ASAP because it’s all about a free “Manufacturing Technician Training”  program being offered by Southern Maine Community College in conjunction with General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works.

Bath Iron Works

Not only is it FREE but applicants who are accepted into the program are given a $500 stipend for each of the 3 weeks that the program is in session. That is insane in such a wonderful way!

A little something to sweeten the opportunity even more… although housing is very limited it’s available in the Southern Maine Community College dorm on a first come first serve basis at no charge for those from outside the area.

As always, our ask is to get the word out to the people in your community who might benefit so they can get trained, and get a leg up on the interview process with General Dynamics – Bath Iron Works because they’re hiring alot of people!

Bath Iron Works projects that they’ll be adding 1,000 new jobs in 2020 and another 600-800 in 2021.

You’ll find  several links below that will give you tons more info, so check it out and if you have questions you can contact them directly (contact info is within these links).


Content that we think is so important we did the work and wrote a blog post.

If you’re looking for more Apprenticeship resources, I definitely suggest checking out our blog post: “Construction Apprenticeships. What they are and how to find them.”

Although this post is specific to the construction industry, there are several resources listed within the post that are relevant to apprenticeships in all industries! Give it a go and check it out when you get a minute.

Construction Apprenticeships


Random news & happenings we just have to share.

Good karma on the way for this little boy...

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