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10 Manufacturing Careers You Should Know About

10 Manufacturing Careers You Should Know About

First of all, what is "Manufacturing"? In a nutshell...

“Manufacturing” essentially means making things. Which means many manufacturing careers are all about creating a finished product from raw materials, and turning ideas into reality. From cell phones, to computer chips, pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, cosmetics, cars, food, prosthetics, furniture, cosmetics…. you name it, literally everything that’s MADE is “manufactured”.

The Video below will set the record straight about the reality of Manufacturing in the 21st Century!

Manufacturing Careers then and now

Toto... We're not in Kansas anymore.

Just like the technology of creating movies has changed in a HUGE way since 1939 when the Wizard of Oz was released, the technology of manufacturing has evolved as well. A lot!

Many people still think of manufacturing as the “old school” factory sweatshop that’s greasy and dirty; with workers doing boring and repetitive tasks all day every day. We may not know any better because “manufacturing” isn’t something that’s in our face like movies and media.

That negative perception of manufacturing and manufacturing careers couldn’t be further from the truth. Manufacturing has changed big time, and now offers:

  • High salaries (average salary is $81,000/year which = 22% more than the average US worker)
  • Excellent benefits (more private manufacturing employers offer health benefits than in any other private sector industry)
  • Clean work spaces
  • State of the art facilities
  • Fast paced environment
  • New cutting edge advanced technologies designed to develop amazingly creative and innovative products

This is the new reality!

Manufacturing industry has jobs looking for people

Here at Workforce Generator we’re working on getting the word out that there are tremendously valuable career opportunities in the manufacturing industry; from design, to production, to maintenance, and even installation. Manufacturing is an amazing industry doing amazing things, and it needs people.

People who:

  • can understand highly technical information
  • have strong mechanical ability
  • are good at problem solving
  • can make complex decisions
  • are comfortable working in a team environment

You may not even realize you have these skills until you're exposed to various Manufacturing careers. Which is where we come in.

Although there are thousands of job opportunities in the manufacturing industry for skilled and motivated people, we’re focusing on 10 different manufacturing careers to get you started thinking about the opportunities that are available to you.

10 Manufacturing Careers to Get You Started

  • Manufacturing Careers Millwright


    Video here. More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Dental Lab Technician

    Dental Lab Technician

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Industrial Designer

    Industrial Designer

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Photonics Technician

    Photonics Technician

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Biomedical Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Model Maker

    Model Maker

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Water Treatment

    Water Treatment Plant Operator

    More info here & here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Occupational Safety Worker

    Occupational Safety Inspector

    More info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Fiberglass Laminator and Fabricator

    Fiberglass Laminators & Fabricators

    Get more info here.

  • Manufacturing Careers Tool and Die Maker

    Tool & Die Maker

    More info here.

Tip of the Iceberg

That's right. Those 10 Careers are just the tip of the iceberg.

But we’ve dug deeper. Much deeper. In fact, as a Workforce Generator site visitor you have free access to a full blown course entitled “Manufacturing Careers. Discover the World of Making, Creating, & Manufacturing“.

This course not only simplifies the world of Manufacturing, it also identifies, and links to, well over 100+ manufacturing careers that you’ve likely never considered, or even heard of. It’s all good stuff, so I recommend you check it out.

* Free access to this course is sponsored by our partner, Idea2Career*

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