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Our Partners Stand Out From the Crowd

As a Workforce Generator partner that has subscribed to either our Get Noticed or Get People Plans, you're able to take advantage of custom service offerings that align your job openings with the people that want them, and complement your existing reach within the community.

Our "GET A BOOST" Options Include....

Blog Posts & Emails

Multiple Job Postings

Company Branded Slideshow

Blog Post

Custom Blog Posts

Building a pipeline of talent is all about communication and employer branding. Our blog posts get your messaging out to the community and actively market your job opportunities as well as your value as an employer.

You choose the topic and we’ll share it with our workforce development community, and the world. We will:

  • Write the content, design the blog post and post it on our website.
  • Push the link out via our email marketing machine and social media channels (during the month that you choose).
  • Give you access to the post so you can…
    • Share it with your network as is,
    • and/or reconfigure it to use via your own content marketing efforts.

Price: $300/blog post

Multiple Job Postings

Get your hottest jobs posted in our monthly “Hot Jobs” newsletter.

  • What’s included…
    • Your top jobs, with links to their job unique postings within your company’s employment page.
    • Your brand and logo (with direct link to your company’s Employment Home Page).

Price: $25/job posting/month

Job Postings

Company Branded Slideshow

If there’s a time for having a branded slideshow for your organization it’s now. The goal of a branded slideshow is about telling a compelling story.

A story that’s focused on your company and its culture, as well as the value your company brings to your customers and the community through the products you build and the services you provide.

If you don’t already have a branded slideshow with engaging images and video, let’s talk about how to make that happen so we can tell your story.

Price: $500/slideshow

Let's Talk. Call Us Today.

Let's talk about how Custom Services can help your organization bring more skilled, talented and motivated people into the workforce ASAP.
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