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EJ Prescott Apprenticeships In The Waterworks Industry

EJ Prescott Apprenticeships in the Waterworks Industry

Jobs + Training Happens at EJ Prescott

Every day of our lives EJ Prescott helps us to take advantage of fresh water that’s pumped into our home-school-workplace, and wastewater that’s sent on it’s way for treatment.

The EJ Prescott Apprenticeships program brings tremendous training and career opportunities to motivated people who want to help make these things happen, and they want everyone to know it.

A Little Background...

EJ Prescott is a privately owned water, wastewater and stormwater solution distributor with locations throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

They’re focused on adding motivated people to their team who have a great work ethic, are willing to travel and have a thirst for learning skills that can bring them tremendous success.

University of Prescott

University of Prescott is Where the Magic Happens

In fact, they’re so invested in training that they started their own federally recognized apprenticeship training program.  The EJ Prescott apprenticeships program (University of Prescott) is designed to help accepted candidates to become proficient in the following industries: Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Erosion Control.

This is a two-year program that covers topics such as service work, safety, sales, computer and other related industry tools; training occurs mostly in field locations, and via plant tours and manufacturing visits.

Apprentices are paid to learn, and qualified students are guaranteed a job at the end of the two-year program. Candidates who complete the program are assigned to a location or position that best fits the individual student’s gifts and talents, along with what Team EJP feels will help the company to grow.

EJ Prescott Aprpentice

All great info, and such an amazingly valuable apprenticeship program that it’s up to us to spread the word and get people over to University of Prescott so they can learn more, apply, and hopefully get accepted into this program!

Interested in learning how your organization can also get the word out to the region about your job, career and/or training opportunities?

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