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ApprenticeshipNH Opportunities

ApprenticeshipNH Opportunities

Getting Training while Getting Paid = A Wonderful Thing

Apprenticeships. They’re all about getting people paid AND into the workforce while they’re learning valuable industry skills. They’re a no-brainer if you can find one, which is what we want to help with.

That being said, since Apprenticeships are such a big deal we’re starting with a little something about this organization… ApprenticeshipNH.

ApprenticeshipNH Opportunities

Some background.  ApprenticeshipNH is a grant funded initiative focused on connecting people with jobs and training… which means they help to connect job seekers looking to learn new skills with employers looking for qualified workers. It’s a win-win!

ApprenticeshipNH 5 Sectors

Why these 5?  Because they’re fast growing and each is expected to add thousands of new jobs in the state of NH over the next few years; new jobs that are created, as well as existing jobs that open up due to retirements.

91% of apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeship program. 

ApprenticeshipNH Opportunities

ApprenticeshipNH has a career “Opportunities” page with very real, very current apprenticeship opportunities being offered by regional companies within the sectors mentioned above. They update this page regularly so as new opportunities arise they’ll be added, and as others are filled they’ll be removed.

Here’s to hoping you’ll check it out and share this resource with the people in your world that might benefit… either now or in the near future.

Get more info and lots of resources about Apprenticeships by heading over to our blog post, “Construction Apprenticeships. What they are and how to find them.

Construction Apprenticeships
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