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Our Mission

To get skilled, trained & motivated young people into the workforce faster and more efficiently.

Our Job

At Workforce Generator we’re driven to help solve the biggest problem in workforce development. Awareness. Bringing career awareness to the people within our communities regarding:

  • The diversity of career opportunities that are available to young people in our ever evolving world.
  • The career training that can give anyone  the skills they need to move into a lucrative job & career right away, and…
  • The companies that want to hire them.

Young adults, as well as the people that influence them, are often unaware of all, or most of, the above. Our job at Workforce Generator is to fix that.

How? By creating, building & activating the community via relationship building & proactive outreach. Bringing people together to build career awareness and to make those career connections happen.

Our Leadership
Chris Carr screenshot

Christine Carr
Co-Founder & CEO

Michele Verley screenshot

Michele Verley
Co-Founder & COO

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