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Bringing awareness of diverse career & training opportunities to people within the community.


Building connections between job seekers and the business & industry people that are looking to meet them.


Getting skilled, trained and motivated people into the workforce ASAP.

The Big Picture

It’s simple.  Workforce Generator helps people to discover the careers they’ll love…and helps companies to find the people they need.

We Make Workforce Development Happen

We’ve built-in tons of amazing benefits and features to make it simple for our business and industry partners to connect with the people who would be valuable applicants for their job opportunities; both now and in the future.

Diverse Group Of People

Wide & Diverse Network

Our wide network of diverse stakeholders are driven to tighten the workforce gap. Educators, non-profits, government entities, parents, industry professionals…  you name the role & they’re likely in our network.

Results Driven

Results Driven

We make things happen, and we assess what happened with results & data. Then we share all of that wonderful info with our partners as well as our wide & diverse network!

Child Megaphone

Organization Awareness

Employers & industry professionals often struggle to get the word out about their work-based learning, jobs & career opportunities. Not anymore. Workforce Generator has a megaphone and we’re using it.


Networking is King

FACT: 85% of jobs are filled via a network connection. Which means that we’re helping people build their network by connecting them with employers and industry professionals.


Paying it Forward

Giving back makes us feel good, & has a huge impact on the community.  Capturing & sharing these actions fosters goodwill & positivity about your organization… which is a wonderful thing.

Thinking Outside The Box

Innovative & Non-Traditional

We feel that innovation comes from “outside” traditional methods; which is why our efforts revolve around “thinking outside the box” to make the magic of meaningful employee/employer connections happen.

Why Partnering with Workforce Generator is a Great Idea

Our Method

We have a method, and an infrastructure, that will bring awareness of your company, opportunities, and industry to the community.

Workforce Generator gets the word out to people, and their influencers, about what you have to offer regarding jobs, work based learning experiences, and whatever else you want to put out there that’s related to workforce development &/or your company’s social impact goals.  You name it. We effectively share it.

Workforce Generator Home Page
Our Platform

Workforce Generator’s platform isn’t only virtual, but also physical and tangible so that the “word on the street” isn’t only on our devices via content marketing and promotion, but also in our back yards.

Our customized “Career Hacker Cafe” events are held in various communities throughout the region and are each focused on a niche industry. They’re a fun and effective way for people who are looking for a career to actually meet and chat with the employers and industry folks who may want to hire them; and for potential employers to get face time with those people who may be a perfect fit for their company.

Our Approach

Building strong relationships with people, and then fostering similarly strong relationships between others, is how career pathways are going to be discovered, jobs are going to be filled, and employees are going to be retained. Relationship building is what we do.

As strategic visionaries with years of experience in both business and the world of education, our approach is dedicated and hands-on to ensure results-driven visibility & engagement with targeted individuals. Period.

Workforce Generator Our Approach

Join Us

Become a catalyst within a movement that is doing what needs to be done to help the next generation to build career awareness, make business and industry connections, and discover the skilled training that they need so we can get people into the workforce ASAP.

Here's How

We know that every organization has different needs and abilities to engage, which is why we offer variations of partnership relationships.

$125 /month
Get Noticed


We introduce your job opportunities and company to our workforce community. You get:

  • Workforce Web Page
  • Monthly Digital Newsletter
  • Reach to Targeted Network
  • Job Seeker Focused Events
$250 / month
Get People


We actively promote your job opportunities and company to our workforce community. You get:

  • Workforce Web Page
  • Monthly Digital Newsletter
  • Reach to Targeted Network
  • Job Seeker Focused Events


  • Job Postings
  • Custom Blog Post
  • Featured Story
  • Presentation Opportunities
  • VIP Meet & Greet @ Events
custom pricing
Get a Boost


As a partner, we’re able to offer you additional customized services that will allow us to to align your job openings with the people that want them, and complement your existing reach within the community.

Add-on service options include:

  • Custom Blog Posts & Emails
  • Multiple Job Postings
  • Company Branded Slideshow

Contact Us Today

Let’s have a conversation about how you, and your organization, can join us in bringing more skilled, talented and motivated people into the workforce ASAP.


Have a question? Just ask. Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer ASAP.


We welcome any and all suggestions so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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